Monday, May 5, 2008

Making a Come Back: Spool Dolls

Recently, a friend featured her sister's crafty creations on her site. They are some of the most precious spool dolls I have ever seen! You can create custom orders or purchase what she has in her shop. Check out "The Crafty Nest" on Etsy. Support Handmade!

I've been seeing a trend of spool dolls lately. A couple months ago, I was looking through the vintage craft books at our local second hand store. I found a booklet from the 70's that had spool dolls and finger puppet dolls (made from wooden candle caps). Also, on it seems like a couple of the crafty blogs I view have some variation of spool dolls. I've been dying to create some of my own, but for now all my crafty things are packed away for the move :(.

I wanted to share with you some of the pics I've bookmarked for various mini wooden dolls, although The Crafty Nest is the only place that actually sells online. The other ones that I've seen have been sold at craft fairs and made for gifting. The following are all favorites:

My Little Mochi
These are made with candle cups (right side up). I like the shape that candle cup creates and the hand painted outfits are so sweet. P.S. I think this is one of my most favorite blogs...tons of inspiration!

Wee Wonderfuls
These are also made with candle cups, but turned upside down. Using the candle cups in this way, creates a perfect spot for fingers. There are a lot of possibilities when you start thinking of finger puppets and stories. I may try making some of those for my shop. I really love the jingle bell buns on these dolls.

Crafty Carnival
I love the lace on these spool dolls. They aren't just cute, but also serve a purpose...notice the pin holding the lace. I would love some of these for my office/studio to hold the odds and ends of lace and ribbon.

The Crafty Nest
How could you not love these spool dolls?!? I like how they have been modernized with cute ribbon. A lot of the vintage spool dolls I've seen are usually have fabric instead of ribbon. I think these would be perfect girlfriend gifts. Don't forget you can custom order!

And just for kicks, since I am craving wooden projects, I found these adorable magnets made from wooden disks. They resemble the spool doll faces. It is one of the latest craft fair items from Missy Ballance of Crafty Carnival.