Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bagsket or Basket

I have a long list of projects that I would like to do and some of the items towards the top are cute storage for my art/craft supplies. The two tutorials that I wanted to share are what I've had in mind for a while, but haven't gotten around to it (and still haven't!!). I'm hoping that once I get back from vacation, I can whip some of these up.

First, the Bagsket by Foofanagle (pictured left). It is like a fabric bucket with variations. You can omit the drawstring top and the tutorial also has dimensions for a larger size. I was thinking of making this for a gift and filling it with other gifts. Then just pull the drawstring and add a bow & tag. I also might use it for when I want to take my projects with me somewhere. It would also be a fun lunch bag!

Next is Storage Baskets by J.Caroline Creative! (pictured on the right). You'll notice that there are two different size options, both perfect for organizing craft supplies! They really would work in any room of the house that needs a basket. I have several magazines that sit on a shelf and I've been looking for a better way to store them. I was also thinking about making some for the laundry/utility room.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Photo Fun #1

In the next month, I'm hoping to share some photos from a little shoot I did with my sisters a few weeks ago. I went down for my brother's high school graduation and had a chance to use my dad's super nice digital SLR (I want one sooo bad). I also got to meet the new additions, two pug puppies, Skyler & Lily (brother & sister). So I took the opportunity to use my dad's camera on my sisters & their new puppies!

Rewind about 9 years ago (I was 14 y.o.) when I was attending a media class for about 4 hours a day. After the summer session, I was asked to be the teacher's assistant and shortly after I was hired at the video production company. Due to all the resources I had, I decided to start my own photography business. My specialty was black & white, hand colored photos. At that time, digital SLRs weren't as common because they were really expensive. So to start, I used my dad's SLR from high school (I get the photo talent from both parents). I had a knack for capturing 'kodak' moments especially with children. I would always take pictures of my siblings and the children I would babysit. My business was very low key and I had clients here & there.

The other thing I enjoyed was graphic design, even before my media class. For years my dad encouraged me to pursue it as a career. I believe I was around 11 or 12 when I did my first real project for a local State Farm office. I was able to further my skills in the media class and profession. It has been a very helpful talent over the years. The best of all is that the two worlds collide, even more so today.

Now that most photography is digital, it makes it a lot easier! Digital scrapbooking and mixed media artists have become pretty popular. Usually you would have to go to school or take classes to learn these skills, but now there are tons of resources online to help with getting around programs like Photoshop. I'll post some links (at the end of this entry) of the sites that I used for the following project.

Here is the original photo I took of my sister, Jenna and her new puppy, Lily (10 weeks old):

I love how the picture turned out and I may do a little work on it before I send it to be printed. Now for the fun part! I used some techniques in Photoshop to create the picture box with-in the picture. Then I downloaded free floral brushes and a scrapbook kit for the lettering. I already had the handwriting font on my computer that I used in the lower right corner.

It is a simple design and could be used as a scrapbook page or printed and framed. It would be a great gift for family or friends. You can also save up the pages to have printed into a professionally bound book (more links to come). All it takes is a lot of playing around. There are kits, brushes & plugins that you can purchase, but I would suggest using free downloads to start. Then once you have the hang of it, you can choose to buy. Check back soon for more photos and links!

For this page I used:
Promise Collection Alphabet by Shabby Princess Designs
Astral Flora Brushes by lucerifous-glow on Brusheezy
Photoshop Elements 6

**Please do not use photos from this post without getting written permission from myself. I can be reached through email: Thanks!**

Monday, June 23, 2008

Website Makeover Needed

In the next couple of weeks you will be seeing a change around here. I feel like I have a really generic site and I want to take it to another level! I'm still struggling with my thyroid disease, so it will take me longer to get everything done...but be on the look out for my more appealing site!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Well, I'm getting back into the blogging world. We are much more adjusted to our new environment. I've missed all my crafts! My newest toy is coming tomorrow! I bought a Wacom Intuos3! After talking to others who have a tablet (and doing some research), I decided to start with the 6X8 size and see how it goes. I can't wait to get serious on my different designing endeavors. It is so good to be at home and do what I've wanted to for years.

Other than that, I'm totally lovin' Sandi Henderson's new boutique patterns for girls. I've seen similar pants on other blogs and it makes me want a little girl! Sandi is so inspiring.