Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bagsket or Basket

I have a long list of projects that I would like to do and some of the items towards the top are cute storage for my art/craft supplies. The two tutorials that I wanted to share are what I've had in mind for a while, but haven't gotten around to it (and still haven't!!). I'm hoping that once I get back from vacation, I can whip some of these up.

First, the Bagsket by Foofanagle (pictured left). It is like a fabric bucket with variations. You can omit the drawstring top and the tutorial also has dimensions for a larger size. I was thinking of making this for a gift and filling it with other gifts. Then just pull the drawstring and add a bow & tag. I also might use it for when I want to take my projects with me somewhere. It would also be a fun lunch bag!

Next is Storage Baskets by J.Caroline Creative! (pictured on the right). You'll notice that there are two different size options, both perfect for organizing craft supplies! They really would work in any room of the house that needs a basket. I have several magazines that sit on a shelf and I've been looking for a better way to store them. I was also thinking about making some for the laundry/utility room.

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Table for Five said...

I love the fabrics on those storage baskets!

-Elizabeth, MomReviews