Friday, July 25, 2008

Bloomin' Summer

I have some beautiful flowers bloomin' all over my yard! My favorite is probably my hydrangeas. I have one large bush that has purple, periwinkle & pink blooms! I took some more pictures, but I'll have to post those when I get home. For now, I wanted to share a pic of a whimsy bouquet from a couple different bushes in my yard. I love it! I promise to have so more craftiness posts in the next week. I've been working on some crafts for a ladies church meeting. They want me to show how to make crafts from things that you would have around the home/recycled crafts. I'm going to do three crafts and then have a display table with other ideas and a print out of links to projects. If anyone has any ideas or resources, please let me know! Thanks!

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