Sunday, August 3, 2008

Finished...Check...Unfinished...Check, Check & Check

I'm back from camp completely exhausted, but ready to get back into to some projects. Before I left, I finish my sign for an Enrichment activity in a few weeks. I'm really enjoying painting again. It has been a while, so I don't have really nice brushes & paints...yet. My dad has given us his old scroll saw & table saw to add to what we already have in the shop. So making wood projects have just gotten a lot easier!

I had some extra wood from the previous project, so I just started to free hand and see where it would take me. It is still a work in progress, but so far I am diggin it. I need more art in my office/studio!

I've got so many projects I would like to do and not enough time. Last month I got a new stamp set that I can't put down! The favorite thing that I'm making with it is a shrinky dink keychain. It is another work in progress...

I'm working on several different things this week and I hope I can get it all done. Can you believe it is August already? I can't! I don't see this month slowing down for me, so I'm sure this month will fly by like the rest of my summer.

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