Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Recycled Crafts

I've been working a lot on crafts for an upcoming activity that I have to teach how to make crafts from materials that you already have at home a.k.a. recycled crafts. This was a good opportunity to go through all my bookmarked craft projects and try some things out. The person that asked me to teach crafts, gave me a knitted plastic bag. I'd seen them before and they weren't really my thing. I talked to my mom about it and she had the idea to weave some cool ribbon through it to jazz it up a bit. So I think I will try doing something like that soon. Anyway, I found one of the bookmarked sites with all different plastic bag crafts.

I really like the idea of fusing plastic bags together and creating a shopping bag from that. Etsy Labs has a great tutorial on how to prep and fuse the plastic bags. I used 8 layers of white plastic sheets (from the back of the plastic back). Then I cut out flowers from a red plastic bag and stuck them under the first layer. I didn't have a pattern for the bag, but there are tons out there. Finally, I used some woven ribbon that I saved from a package. I'm happy with the end result and think I'll try making some more that are even more creative. It would also be good material where you need some waterproofing...like in a beach bag.

Check out these crafts, all made from plastic bags. My favorite is the 50's Style Dress! Another good tutorial for making a really cute fused shopping bag is the Extreme Plastic Bag Makeover.

Now if reusing plastic bags isn't your thing, try making a reusable shopping bag out of a t-shirt. I saw this bag on Martha Stewart last year and thought it was a great idea!


Fete et Fleur said...

What a wonderful way to re-use these bags! The dress is fantastic!
Thanks so much for your visit.


christine said...

these are great. Hey I've got a few sites you might like---other creative souls. These are personal favorites of mine: