Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer is Still Here

Thanks to the toasty weather today, it has reminded me that we *technically* have over a month of summer left! Hoooray! I know for most people summer ends when school starts, but not for us! Our summer weather has been so on and off (and started late) that I'm hoping the next month will be warm.

So in honor of summer, another free pattern link! It comes from a really fun pattern site, You Can Make This. They have a good selection of free patterns, including the Thanks-A-Melon Pillow (above). The pattern includes a tutorial with several pictures. I really like it!

I love browsing through all the patterns. I have a wish list going and growing. My favorite one right now is the Bundle Pack: Cloche, Ribbon Top, and Gauchos by Dainty Designs.

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