Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wood-n't ya Know?

I have a secret obsession with wood. The cull lumber cart is my weakness. I can't go to Home Depot with out taking a walk through the 'woods'. My last project was so satisfying, that I've decided to make a bunch for my Etsy shop (that I've talked about opening for the last six months). I'm shooting for the end of this month! I would make a big push to get it open by Thanksgiving, but I am hosting this year and I've got a lot to get done before then.

For the place settings, I decided to use an element from my tree. I love the feathers and buttons with a little sparkle. I wanted to have a little bit of a rustic feel, so I burned the edges of some paper (from an old book). I used it underneath the embellishments and for the place card. When I finished the first one, I thought it looked liked a turkey. Can you see it? I've got about a third of them done, so I'll post more pictures once they are all completed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

I was recently asked to come up with a craft for our Relief Society Christmas Activity next month. There were several ideas that went through my head, one of the first was blocks. I know it is a pretty popular thing to do Christmas blocks with lettering and pictures. I had figured out lettering to spell several different winter words. Then I thought it would be cute to show how the blocks could stack up to look like a tree. That is when I got the idea to add some wire and everything just rolled on from there. It was so satisfying to be creating again!

Originally, I was going to add pictures and scrapbook paper. Things changed when I started to pull out all my embellishments and paint. There are several different ways you could 'trim' the tree. I would like to do some variations with newsprint, stamping, pictures, scrapbook paper, sheet music and fabric...maybe even wrapping paper or old Christmas cards! I'm also considering using a candle cup as the base/trunk, but not sure yet. I'll also post pictures of the variations. I would love to see what others would create.

**UPDATE: Added a trunk made from a small terracotta pot with a crackle finish.**

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun Giveaway

It seems to be like giveaway season lately! I promise I'll have some more crafty creations posted soon. Another favorite fabric designer of mine is Lila Tueller (link in my side bar, too). Her giveaway post came up in my reader and I had to check it out. It is a fun challenge to get an entry, so go check it out. I just submitted my answers, but it was almost 12 hours after the I think I am out of the running for the grand prize, but it was a lot of fun.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Quilt Giveaways!

I can't believe there are two separate quilt giveaways going on right now! One is over at Simplify (Camille Roskelley) and the other at Old Red Barn Co. I adore Camille's quilt patterns, especially Baby Mine. I would love to be able to finish a quilt. I think I may try, after the holiday season.

Old Red Barn Co. is giving away three different quilts to three different people and there are a lot of ways to get extra entries, so make sure to check that out.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cake Creation: A Long Time Coming

Another area of design I like is in the confectionery world. I'm pretty good when it comes to candy making and love to create things for others. I've envisioned doing a purse cake for months now. Unfortunately, I didn't have any birthdays going on or special occasion that fit the purse theme...until this past week. One of my good friends had her birthday while I was gone and I thought it would be nice to give her a belated cake (just a few days late).

I hit a lot of bumps in the road and didn't give myself enough time to do it how I wanted. I was thrown off when I found my flour was bad, so I had to use a mix (which isn't ideal for layers). I added some almond flavoring to change the flavor, which helps mask the mix flavor. I also didn't have any of my cookie cutters that I wanted to use with the fondant (I left them all at my mom's!). I can find so many imperfections in my work. The good thing was that I had fun making the fondant and creating the whole cake. There will definitely be more purse cakes to come.

In other news, we just bought a brand new Digital SLR. It is a Nikon D60 package from Costco, so it included 2 different lenses, diffuser, bag, strap, SD card and some DVDs. It is pretty sweet. I can't wait to get out and take some yummy fall pictures.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Printables not to be Passed

I was playing a little catch up in my Blog Reader today and saw some really cute Christmas printables from Missy Ballance (I've mentioned her site a couple times on my blog).

She is offering them free for personal use. They are early enough where you can actually use them this year. I really like her art and I'm so glad she is generous enough to offer some freebies.

They would be great for care packages and/or your holiday gifts. I will definitely be using them! Thanks Again, Missy!

P.S. While you are checking out the printables, take a look at her tutorial for Christmas Tree Pencil Toppers. It is a simple & inexpensive gift for a teacher or friend.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Costume!

I was hoping to get some better pictures, but we were so busy and rushed getting out the door (on the 30th & 31st) that we only got a few snap shots. I'm totally happy with it!