Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For the Guys

It seems to be a bit difficult to come up with handmade gifts for the men in my life...anyone else have trouble with this? So I usually end up buying their gifts. This year I've come up with a few ideas and since the guys don't read my craft blog (I think), then I can post some ideas before Christmas. Maybe it will help someone who is stumped on a man gift.

My dad and brothers are pretty big sports fans and I wanted to do something to incorporate that for one of my brothers. I created a pillow with the team's initials in their colors. Common? Yes, but the thing that makes it different is the backside of the houses remotes! It is a pretty large pillow made from polar fleece. I appliqued the letters in place and then stitched them. I was searching online and found a tutorial for making a pillow like mine out of an old sweatshirt.

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