Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For the Love of Gamers

In fact it is for the love of one gamer....my little bro. Playing and creating games is one of his favorite things to do. One of his nick names just happens to be Pacman. I keep an eye out for classic Nintendo items (and Pacman, of course).

One of the first things I found on Craftster (an online community for crafters) was a NES controller messenger bag. We had seen wallet similar to the bag, but it had always been sold out when we would go to purchase it. So I figured I would just make it! I do what I always do first and searched the internet for examples. Lucky enough there was someone out there that created a tutorial to make a messenger bag. I was totally stoked and planned on making it for his birthday last January...then decided I would make it for Graduation in June...and ended up making it for Christmas! Funny how that works?

Making it was a labor of love. I was having one of those days where the thread on my sewing machine was breaking or catching or something dumb every other minute. It took double to time to make it! The only thing that didn't make it on to the bag was the red piping. I had it pinned and ready to sew, but couldn't find the right foot to sew it on with so I scrapped it. In spite of it all, I do like how it turned out. I used canvas material, rather than vinyl (like in the tutorial) and lined with a black light-weight denim. I wanted a more rugged/frayed look to it, but still wanted it to be sturdy. I also made it 3 inches bigger all around. The inside has pockets for pens and larger items along with id and a hook for keys. If I had more time, I would have made some more intricate pockets.

The most important thing is that my brother loved it.

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Bridget said...

I love it! It looks amazing and I can tell you put a ton of time into it.