Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Meet Snowball the Benguin

This is a softie I made as a gift for one of my sisters. She collects bears and I wanted to make something unique for her. I thought that a penguin would be very fitting for this time of the year (plus I think they are so of my fav animated movies is Surfs Up). I also saw some cute penguins last month on Missy Ballance's site and so penguins have been on the brain. So why not merge the two? Creating a Benguin!

I was having a hard time picking a name, so by husband suggested Snowball (because of the little white balls on the scarf). I thought it was cute and my sister can always change it. The inspiration for the white balls came from a white bead necklace my sister wears often. I'm just getting ready to wrap Snowball up and wanted to share her before she leaves to her new home.

Snowball Benguin, the penguin who thinks she's a bear.



MIssy Ballance said...

OMG! That is so cute! I NEVER would have thought of that, and I LOVE IT! Your plate above is super cute toO!

Rhonda said...

This is such an adorable bear! You are just so clever!

Jess said...

Thanks gals! Amazing how a funny idea can turn into something cute. The Benguin went over well along with a Penguin version I made. I'm starting to get requests for this one....more to come.