Monday, January 26, 2009

Easy Quilting

Well today I'm sick :( It started late last night after I got home from our friend's. It is still a good day, because the sun is shining and I have opened the curtains, in front of our huge sliding glass door, to enjoy it!

Since I'm stuck in bed, I've been browsing blogs that I like. I found a fab tutorial on an easy raggy quilt. I am not much of a quilter, mainly because I like projects that can be completely within a fair amount of time and a quilt just takes too long. I do like quilting on a smaller as part of project and I've done a fair amount of tying quilts and simple block quilts. I've also noticed that I like the more modern looking quilts, rather than tradional ones. I think Camille Roskelley has created some of my favorite quilts.

Back to the tute I found. The lovely ladies of Quilt Taffy have created a video explaining how to create a raggy quilt with ribbons, rick rack and strips of fabric. the quilt is back with some luxurious minky. You'll notice the incredible machine quilting, especially when you see the back side. It reminds me of one of Camille's quilts, Wallflower. I was thinking about combining ideas by adding some applique to the raggy quilt. It seems like a pretty simple way to make a quilt.

Quilt Taffy also offers quilt top kits. Bridget, of Everday Chaos, recently made a baby quilt from one of their kits called Vintage Baby. I think that you wash it after you're all done and it shrinks and wrinkles to give it that viintage look and shabby chicness. It is adorable...along with the baby it was made for.

P.S. There is a pattern giveaway on Quilt Taffy, just today!


Rachel said...

Hi my name is Rachel and I'm an Easy Quilter! :)

I love Camille's patterns and also just finished a Quilt Taffy Baby quilt like Bridget's They do turn out really cute! I do recommend!

Jamie said...

Sorry to hear your sick! Hopefully you get better soon

Bridget said...

I hope you feel better! I love easy quilts and I didn't see the tutorial you posted so I'll have to check it out, looks very cute!