Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spool Jewels

I found these lovely necklaces and thought they were pretty sweet, especially for someone who loves to sew. Originally I thought it would make a great favor for our annual ASG meeting, but found out we don't have a budget for favors :( I've searched online for other spool jewelry, but haven't found any...so these are one of a kind (created by Amy Cluck).

For me, I would like the spool on a longer chain with more beads and maybe a charm or two. I do plan on making one in the near future! Maybe I'll even get some mini spools and make a wire wrapped ring...more to come when I actually get it done.

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Banta Family said...

Jess, I just wanted to say hi. I hope you are doing well. I peek at your craft blog every now and then, but do you and your husband have a personal blog? I Hope that they can get your medication regulated soon, and that you will find peace soon. I know how it is to have a physical ailment and it affect so many other aspects of your well being, such as emotional and psychological. It has been almost one year since I got a skin graft on my right leg, and I thought that by now it would look all normal, but it won't for maybe a long time, and it's hard to explain to people how something that saved me life and leg can be so hard to look at and deal with at times. Anyway, keep hanging in there. I know that as we desire and pray for that peace and love and accepting, the Savior will lead us to answers that will bring us just that. Take Care