Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tiered Cookie Cakes

I've been eager to try making the tiered cookie cakes found in "The Confetti Cakes Cookbook". I'd purchased some awesome Cuisipro Fluted Cookie Cutter Set, the day before I read the cookbook and knew they would be perfect for the cookie cakes.

My mom and sisters came to visit me and I decided to make it a little activity for all of us. We had just gotten back from our trip on the previous day, so I hadn't made it to the store to pick up dragees or gumpaste to make flowers, but I did have a few things in my cupboard to play with. We had fun using Nutella, premade frosting, homemade raspberry jam and white nonpareils. It was nice to be able to make them with my little sisters and that it was fun for them.

I would love to make some for a bridal shower using a cream cheese/whip cream mixture, jam and/or nutella with some fresh fruit pieces (like the blueberry above). Maybe some gumpaste flowers. Next time I will also make the cookies a tad bit thicker. They are just too darn adorable!

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Amy said...

Those look pretty yummy! I'm so glad you're back in YW with me even if I don't get to see you very much still.