Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Best Board Ever!

I found an amazing Inspiration Board from the art studio of Jeanne Winters. She was just featured on Today's Creative Blog (which is a blog in my reader) with some of her Valentine's ideas. I got to browsing Jeanne's Blog and found her Inspiration Board made from a perfectly good discarded door. With the addition of some paint, cork board panels and linoleum paste, she has created a beautiful board.

I love the few panels that she left with open with just the glass. I could see adding some vinyl wording to the glass panels or something like that. I'm on the look out for a door with lots of panels, like this one.

Jeanne also made some little push pins to add to the cute/chic factor. She has a quick tutorial on her site on how to make them. It is similar to the marble magnets, but you use smaller marbles and push pins instead of magnets. Her blog is full of inspiration and justly named, Inspiring Ideas.

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