Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two weeks of Blah!

I've spent another week sick. It seemed as though I'm sick on Monday and clear up just in time for church on Sunday, then repeat the cycle. I think the last two weeks have been bugs that were going around. So I really haven't done much crafting. I had plans with my friend to make Valentines, but I was way too sick. I'm hoping to have some to show on my blog this week. I've been doing a lot of reading...craft books, magazines and health books. Here are my favorites from the past two weeks:

1. Martha Stewart Living Magazine Feb.2009 Issue....Love it! It has some really cute Valentine's ideas like Antique-Style Valentines, Playing-Card Valentines and Conversational Heart Cookies. Those are just a few of my favorite things from that issue. If you don't have it, then I would get it while you can.

2. Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tone Finnanger. This book is full of crafts along the Shabby Chic style. There are sewing projects for each room of the house. With 35 projects in all and a handful of stuffies, it makes a great addition to my craft patterns. I also got a hold of Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle and it is another sweet treat. There is a pattern for these Shabby Christmas Elves that I will be making. I got the fabric on sale this last week, so that is going to be the first thing I make. Tone Finnanger has a couple other books in print and a new one coming out this summer. She is from Norway and her books are published in foriegn languages first. Then 6 months to a year later they are published in English. I've seen pictures of her newest book (in another language) and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

So definitely more posts this week. I do have a special little treat for all of you. The fabulous people of have offered my readers a $5 off coupon! The coupon code is blogaqt. There is no minimum purchase and the coupon is a one time only coupon. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the coupon code, heading over there right now :)!