Monday, February 2, 2009

A (Not So) Happy Groundhog Day

Mondays seem to be a day that I spend completely fatigued and (for the most part) in bed...definitely a down day. Then today, that darn Groundhog just had to see his shadow! I sure wish he hadn't, so this winter would end quicker. I miss the Arizona husband doesn't. This past winter in Washington has been an unusual one with several storms and snow (just my luck). My body doesn't respond well to this cold weather. Too bad the groundhog couldn't predict something else, like what will be the new hip accessory for the summer or something fun like the cartoon above.

Enough of the negativity...I'll try to stay positive with this song:

Judy Garland is simply amazing.

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Rhonda said...

Hope you are feeling better! I was sad to see that you had a bad day. How can a bad day happen to such a great person? Guess it happens. :-(

I sure enjoy reading your craft blog and seeing what new thing you've found or you've created. I think my favorite so far is the bear that you made for your sister. So adorable!