Monday, April 13, 2009

Applique: Not Just for Kids

I think appliqued shirts for little ones are pretty darn cute. The only thing is I haven't seen many appliqued shirts for adults (that looked fashionable). When I received my fabric order, I wanted to use the pink & green faux Alligator for a shirt. I'd also purchased a long sleeve white tee from Target for like a buck! So, it didn't take long to decide on applique.

I sketched out a design and got to work. I used my Cricut for the letters and made a free hand heart (lopsided on purpose). The 'S' is for my husband first name and the 'J' is for my first name. Of course, it is only natural for me to add a little bling. It kind of looks like metal in the pic, but they are really little clear gems.

It was easy, inexpensive (maybe $2 total) and fun. From start to finish it took an hour, with the majority of the time being spent on attaching the gems. The hardest part was trying to take a pic of myself in the shirt...I guess I could have waited for my husband to get home!

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