Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goodies in The Mail

Another week out of town for me and my hunny, except this time I came home to a lovely box from! They had a big sale a few days before I left and there were several things that I had my eye on.

First, Lila Tueller's Funked Out Peasant Blouse (the only thing I bought that wasn't on sale). I've wanted to buy it for some time now, but wanted to wait until I was buying fabric online for the sake of shipping costs. I can't wait to make this blouse!

Since I was buying the pattern, then I needed some fabric to make it and there was a couple of Heather Bailey prints on sale (from her Freshcut line). I don't usually see her fabric marked down, so I snatched that up quickly.

The other fabrics included two prints from Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipop line and two prints from Anna Griffin's Peyton Collection line (the pink & green faux Alligator). I have plans for all the fabric...more on that soon.

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