Saturday, May 2, 2009

Organza Flowers

Simple. Chic. Addicting! I wish I would have been on the ball when it came to showing everyone how to make these. We are getting ready to move...again. This time into a house of our own. We've been in a rental for the past year and I am sooo ready to be back in a place of our own. I'm really grateful we are able to keep our home in AZ rented until the market gets better.

Anyway, there is a tutorial on these pretty organza flowers. I've seen them all over Etsy. I'm experimenting with other fabrics with synthetics and also different petal shapes. Try them! I'm sure you will love them, too!

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Terri said... told me about these flowers! they are gorgeous. I have been baking so much lately I have forgotten to do my fabric flower tutorial. I'll try and get on the ball with that. Thanks for sharing these. Terri