Saturday, June 20, 2009

Easy Bolero/ Shrug

One of my little sisters had her 8th grade dance this past week. Apparently it has evolved over the years and turned into a formal event, unlike the one I attended. Finding a modest formal dress, outside of the state of Utah, is a tough thing. I was shocked at some of the dresses I saw when picking her up from the dance.

Well, I had a lovely Anne Klien dress and it fit her like a glove (maybe some day I'll be able to wear it again...darn thyroid). Of course it needed a bolero or shrug, so my mom and sister spent some time looking for one...with no success. I decided to look online and it paid off. I found a super easy pattern on Modest Prom. There are three options and we chose the cap sleeve shrug. It is made with stretch fabric (ours was glittery and a soft gold color). You have to scale the pattern to the size you want. I knew that we wanted it to be a bit more snug, so I didn't scale it to full size. My mom and I decided it needed to be lined, because the fabric rolls a bit around the collar, but it still only took 5/8 yard. This fabric was on clearance and clearance was 50% off, so we made it for $2!


Anonymous said...

Classy, classy combo -- black dress, cream shrug, pearls. She won't be embarrassed to show these photos around in 2 decades. Good job!

Jess said...

Thanks, Heather! It took a little convincing at first, because of what her other friends were wearing...but in the end she got the most compliments. Amazing how that works?! Classy is always in.

Bridget said...

She looks so cute! Thank you so much for sharing that link, I need to make a tiny bolero for one of my little ones and could not find a free pattern. You saved my daughters christmas outfit :).