Thursday, June 11, 2009

A New W.I.P.

Flowers and Cakes seem to be my main focus on the blog! I just can't help myself. I could easily blame it on my blog reader for these little pretties.

Juicy Bits, a fellow Jess that is a crafter/designer, posted pics of the flowers she had been working on and a link to the free pattern. The day I read it, I picked up my crochet needle and some scrap yarn to try it out. Success! The next morning I was out buying some yarn. After crocheting 9 flowers in a day (they go pretty fast), I thought it would be cool to try and make a really big flower for a pillow. It takes a bit more time, but I would say that I am about half-way there. I was thinking they will make a nice addition to my studio in the new house. I think they are a good gift idea, too!

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Jessica Levitt said...

I like the modern take on this with the color palette. So addictive!