Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Photo Props

I'm starting to take a lot more portraits lately. Last month I took some adorable pictures of a young woman from church. She was so sweet and it was a lot of fun. This week, I have some seniors lined up :) I can hardly sleep at nights thinking about it! I have a lot of ideas for locations and props...some that I have, some that I need and some that I have that need a little work.

Today, I set out to find an know the classic "Singin' in the Rain" kind? I feel like I hit the jack pot today! I went to a huge rummage sale and found exactly what I was looking for. To top it off, it was a beautiful, bright red. I also found a little vintage point and shoot. It is a Kodak Magimatic, circa 1970. I think it is adorable and just had to snag some pics of my new found treasures.

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