Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review: Crepe Paper Rose Kit (ala Martha)

Yesterday, I saw the Martha Stewart Crepe Paper Rose Kit in the store on clearance. I have to admit that it is the only time I would buy a kit from her brand, because they are over priced and you can get the instructions online for free. The price I paid would probably cover the cost of the materials, so I decided to try the kit out.

I was optimistic at first, because it was relatively easy and looked like it would turn out. Enter floral tape. This is the option for attaching the petals. I understand that when you stretch floral tape, it gets sticky. So I thought it might work. It didn't. The kit came with a little bottle of glue, which seemed to be nice and I tried using it to assist in attaching the petals. That definitely didn't work. The glue was very watery and made the paper saturated without any sticking power. I finally got all the petals put together with the floral least enough to take a picture. It easily fell apart with little handling.

So the Pros- bright & high quality crepe paper, templates & Cons- watered down glue, poor assembly. I will make more soon, but use a hot glue gun next time :) It is totally worth the clearance price, but I would not pay the full price (around $10).

Over at one of my fav blogs, The Glittered Nest, you can find some beautiful crepe paper rose corsages! I love the addition of stamens. She is so creative...why can't she be my neighbor?

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