Friday, January 8, 2010

Easy, Cute & Fragile

You've probably seen some style of Shrinky Dink rings floating around the blog world (there are several tutorials). I made some a while ago when I first spotted them. I somehow forgot why I only made a few, until I made a couple for stocking stuffers. My problem with these cute rings are that they are fragile and break easily. The rings can be worn for a short period of time as long as you aren't doing anything too active. I need to find a way to make them a spray on something. Any ideas?


Bridget said...

I've always wanted to make some but haven't tried yet. Hmm, maybe I'll have to experiment this weekend, I wonder what would happen if you tried interfacing while it's still hot?

Daisy said...

I've never seen those before but they're very cute. Would something like mod podge or maybe encasing them in a resin work to strengthen them?

Jess said...

I think I need to try these again with something to strengthen them. I don't think mod podge will be strong enough, but resin might!