Friday, June 22, 2012

Please Don't Eat Shawna the Sheep

I'm helping out in Primary teaching a group of 7 year old children.  They love games and I've found that doing a game half way through helps them to be more involved in the lesson.  This week's lesson is Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd (Primary 2, Lesson 23).  I always check Sugardoodle for lesson helps and there are several for this lesson.  One of the ideas is a link to the March 2001 Friend, "For Little Friends" section.  There are two games at the bottom of the page, one of which is "Please Don't Eat Shawna the Sheep".  I can remember playing "Don't Eat Pete" when I was younger, so this game will already to be familiar to some.  I used the illustration from the Friend and created my own game board for the class.  If you would like a copy, then click on the image, download and print from your computer (personal use only).  I'll probably laminate mine and keep it in the Primary lesson binder.  This would also be a good addition to Family Home Evening, especially since it can be played with all ages.

Here are the instructions for the game: Lay the sheep on a flat surface. Then place a small candy on each sheep. One family member leaves the room while everyone else chooses one sheep to be Shawna. The person comes back and begins to eat the candies one at a time. When the person tries to eat Shawna, everyone yells, “Don’t eat Shawna!” That person’s turn is over. Replace the eaten candies and let someone else have a turn.


Anonymous said...

I played this with my children when they were young and they still talk about it as adults.
I now have foster children and they want to play this game after hearing all about it.
I googled this today and am so pleased that you posted this on your site.
Thank you

Jun said...

The sheeps are so quet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, love this game idea!